Product Hunting on Amazon

Some tips for Product Hunting for Amazon: Does it give your business an edge?

As an Amazon vendor, you understand that researching and selecting products is by far the most crucial choice you will make. The product you choose to offer is the most important factor in your Amazon business’s overall success or failure. The incorrect item sets you up for omission from the start, whilst the right product opens up great chances for profit. Experts emphasize market evaluation if you want to make loads of profit as an Amazon seller. As a result, it is critical to conduct thorough Amazon Product Research before jumping in full-time.

Best Tips for Product Hunting

High demand with little competition

You must locate a product with high or even moderate demand. What does this imply? Demand will decide how long it takes for your goods to sell once it is put on the market on your Amazon site. Consider demand to be the stream of a river, with each product niche having its flow. You’d want to go on a canoe trip where the water’s speed is fast enough to get you to your objective swiftly without tipping you over.

We will also examine our rivalry and the overall number of competitors to determine whether this is the proper market for us to enter. The number of contestants is comparable to the depth of the river. The more rivals there are, the deeper the river becomes and the more likely your product will drown. As a result, your goods would have to travel further to reach the basic level for exposure.

Examining Several Markets

When selling online, you might have to investigate many markets, and it is critical to determine which ones are the finest to investigate. The product research instruments will assist you in scanning new markets so that when you transcend your present market, you will be expected to offer in other areas.

Spend less money

Many sellers grumble about the need to employ several tools in strategies to succeed and sell profitably. Each technology is good at one thing, and having so many tools that can help you sell is difficult. This is why having one tool that can solve most problems is critical for sellers. The product survey instrument will assist you in resolving several issues, eliminating the need for additional tools to market successfully.

Now that you understand the value of owning a product search engine, you must determine which tool is appropriate for your company.

Product Behavior Consistency Monitoring

Checking the findings of Consumption, Keyword Search, and Seasonality once is like taking a picture of the scenario at that time. You must bear in mind that the findings you obtain are only valid for that specific period.

So you’ll need to set aside a specified amount of time, ranging from weeks to months or even longer depending on the product, only to observe the product’s behavior and check if it behaves steadily over time. Keep will also be useful in this case to observe the age of your competition as well as the cost of goods sold patterns over time.


The more reviews there are, the more social proof there is. So, why is the amount of reviews so important? To begin with, everyone is aware that Amazon has recently tightened its grip on reviews and that elevating reviews is a ‘helluva’ task in and of itself. So, unless you are committed to a service and have plenty of time and money on your side, you should avoid items with reviews ranging from 500 to 5,000.

Last Thoughts

If you always maintain the specified criteria and manage to ‘niche-down’ your research while using competition data and trends to aid you, your Amazon affiliate research will never seem overwhelming. There’s no need to spend time searching for non-starters once you can focus your search and identify a bestselling product utilizing the simple Amazon research strategies shown above.

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