Our  Services

Company Formation (LLC/LTD), Trademark, Patents and Copyrights

Aidevisor specialists register your company either LLC or Ltd along with a certificate of filing, formation, statement of the organizer, and operating agreement. For your trademark, our team undertakes research for availability, secure rights, and state registration. With an Aidevisor Account Manager, your Amazon business is set to launch with a bank and PayPal account, and a seller central dashboard.

Our experts provide you with patent and copyright services, where you protect what you create. We ensure provisional patents, copyright registration, and response to refusals.


Amazon Store Creation & Management

In today’s digital world, we cannot ignore the presence of an online marketplace which is the most approachable when searching for a new product. Along with providing creation & management services to new store owners, we also help to optimize the existing amazon stores to efficiently achieve the goals you set.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals lets you optimize your storefront to best showcase your brands to ensure success. We provide ongoing support to periodically update your storefront to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Seller Central Management

Amazon offers empowerment to business owners by providing a platform to directly sell to consumers worldwide. While this gives you great control, it also comes with immense responsibility to carry out the technical and menial tasks to perfection. This is where Aidevisor plays its part and offers excellent Seller Central Management Services to develop and maintain detailed product pages to increase store traffic and drive sales. We manage product detail pages according to Amazon’s product upload guidelines to maximize the product’s online visibility.

Product Research

Aidevisor has experts analyzing the market’s ongoing trends and finding the optimal product for your business. This requires our team to employ surveys and understand the target market as much as the Amazon marketplace. We conduct product research whenever you want to add a new product to your portfolio. We undergo supplier analysis and find the most feasible one to streamline your product portfolio.

We are experts at finding out the most popular product of any category, aiming to push your sales to the summit.

Graphics, Labels & Products Designing

Our highly proficient graphic designers are experts at designing awe-inspiring products and packaging. We promise to provide creative ideas and make self-appealing designs. Our team possesses excellent expertise in developing and designing striking advertisements. This focuses on the target market and tempts their interest in your products.

Our team has an extensive experience in product and shipment labeling, which serves the purpose of inventory management by providing unique coding and identification. Since Amazon has strict guidelines for labels, our team maintains attention to these details.

Product Sourcing

While sourcing, we approach hundreds of suppliers to get the best out of them. We have a 10-steps process to find the accurate product that best fits the quality standards. The detailed requirements are shared with them to avoid any miscalculations. Upon receiving quotes, we make a comparison of quality, terms, and conditions, and the best price is negotiated.

The best supplier gets finalized and is given an order after the sample gets approved by our client. We ensure high quality at the lowest possible price.

Supply Chain Management

Our motive is to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience for which we skillfully handle and manage orders. Our supply/chain management services cover all the tasks from processing orders, maintaining a detailed database for each order, updating order status to dealing with shipment details, and, managing returns and feedback.

The Chain/Supply process ensures everything is in motion smoothly and efficiently. Our specialists in the field will take the responsibility to enhance your business’ supply/chain management and provide you with the best.

Onsite Quality Control & Factory Audit

Aiming to meet specifications, our team endeavors to achieve and maintain quality standards. We aid in saving your money by avoiding high-cost defects. By undertaking inspections ranging from pre-production to defect sorting and container loading supervision, we ensure that the products are in compliance with international standards.

We conduct factory and corporate social audits to ensure that local and international labor laws are met, and proper working conditions are provided. This ensures transparency and certifications which leave no ambiguity. Our team deals with certified manufacturers and products.

Logistics Management

Our dedicated team keeps a track of production and undertakes all working procedures varying from production sample approval, and shipping label generation to arranging the best possible shipper, and shipment arrives at the destination.

We process shipments by air which includes express, fast air, and common air, and, by sea which includes fast sea and common sea. Our team also undertakes inland transportation to facilitate our clients.

Our shipment handling process includes all the services ranging from EXW, and FOB to DDU and DDP.

Product Photography

With the Amazon market having more than 3 billion products listed, it’s essential to remain competitive with your product images. 81% of potential consumers get attracted to your brand just by looking at the image of your product. Aidevisor‚Äôs team of creatives, who are equipped with the knowledge of Amazon‚Äôs technical guidelines for product photography, provide creative results to our clients.

We offer the segregation of product images amid primary, lifestyle, and infographic photography. Alongside our marketing campaign, our videographers create exciting visuals for your consumer market.

Content Writing & Product Listing

We optimize your listings to make your Amazon store more visible to the public. We help to classify your products in an accurate category to maximize sales and, provide captivating product descriptions to inform and persuade customers.

We aspire to get you to the summit of product-search listings. With the assistance of our SEO specialists, we carry out research to investigate what will make your business stand out. We follow your competitors and remain updated with their product descriptions and advertisements, after which we strategize to outshine them.

Advertisement Creation and Optimisation

Aidevisor‚Äôs advertising specialists utilize the best practices to drive sales and enhance the visibility of your products. We have the leading technology and optimization software in place for an aggressive approach to Amazon Ads. Our creative team collaborates with the marketing team to give you the best results for your products. With apt budget allocation, and targeting the consumer market, your business receives the boom it was looking for. Our team of experts remains on top of their game to make you the competition everyone’s afraid of.

Stock Management & Forecasting

Our proficient team keeps a check on stock levels, evaluate and manage lead time, fulfill inventory requirement and quantities at the Amazon store, and undergoes sale forecasting to avoid any disruptions in sales. For this, we have experts who optimize the offering of So Stacked to manage and forecast inventory. Forecasting is essential to financially plan the company’s growth. Failure to do this would eventually bring down the potential sales. With error-free and real-time results, we ensure to remind our clients about the in-demand products and low inventory levels.


With millions of transactions and products under the umbrella of the Amazon marketplace, there are bound to be damaged inventory, breakages, and multiple challenges. Our FBA specialists take charge and ensure reimbursements for your business. Our team in the field searches for damaged, lost and missing, and returned items along with any misapplied or overcharged fees. By recovering funds dating back 18 months, we ensure your finances are under control.

While claiming your money, and calculating reimbursement numbers, we make sure our team remains in compliance with Amazon TOS guidelines.

Website Management

We have a team of innovative technologists who work creatively to provide customized solutions as per your needs. Our highly skilled team provides hi-tech and cost-effective website solutions and makes a website striking and user-friendly.

Our team is an expert in web 3.0 design & development, web hosting, and much more that can help in getting high conversions. We make sure that the website we develop is function-able on all screens and systems. We assure you of the timely deliverability of your website.