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Not sure what Amazon ASIN is? Know this before you list.

Before you begin selling on Amazon, it is important to get acquainted with ASIN. They are a part of Amazon policies and assist in finding what shoppers are looking for. If you don’t use ASIN properly, you could potentially lose your eligibility to sell on Amazon. This alone indicates its importance. 

So what is an ASIN number?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a unique set of 10 letters and numbers that is assigned to every product. Its primary function is to identify one product amongst billions of others. 

For every product, a new and unique ASIN is generated when it is uploaded on the server. However, ASINs are unique within a region or marketplace, for different regional Amazon the same product may have a different ASIN. 

Significance of ASINs to sellers

Their significance stems from their purpose of cataloging. ASINs are used to track and maintain inventory and also assist Amazon to search when browsing for the listed item. It is the root of Amazon’s product catalog. 

It facilitates shoppers as they search through multiple categories. They are also used to search for a particular product. Moreover, ASINs are the key reason because of why Amazon delivers apt results when the shoppers hunt for a product. 

How to find an Amazon ASIN number?

There are a few ways to locate your desired product’s ASIN number on Amazon. 

  1. Check the URL of the product on Amazon. 
  2. Product description or details contains the ASIN number on Amazon
  3. You can install software developed to look for ASIN numbers.

What about Products available in Different varieties?

Sellers often sell different variations for their listed products which usually include changes in size, color, and other offerings. For this Amazon has a Product Variation Policy, which is much like the parent-child equation. There is a parent ASIN number, with which the children’s ASIN numbers are associated. Amazon has strict policies regarding how to list them and maintain cataloging. If those rules are broken, they suspend your business on Amazon. 

Creating ASINs

Manufacturers who want to add a product to Amazon’s catalog need to create a new ASIN for it. 

Once you ‘’Add a Product’’, if your item is already being sold on Amazon you would need to match the ASIN. If it’s a new product, you will have to create a new ASIN number. Once everything is approved and the page goes live, you can sell. 

Bear in mind that other sellers who are selling the same product as you will be using the ASIN you created. 

You would need to know the GTIN of the product you wish to enlist. ISBNs, UPCs, and EANs are the most common GTINs and are found beside the barcode of your product packaging. Amazon uses these to identify and match ASIN numbers. 

For information:

  • ISBN is short for International Standard Book Number; 10-13 digits
  • UPC is short for Universal Product Code; 12 digits
  • EAN is short for European Article Number; 13 digits
  • GTIN is short for Global Trade Item Number; 14 digits

If you are unable to locate your GTIN, you will get it from the manufacturer of the product you are selling. 

ASIN Limitation

Amazon limits a seller to a certain amount of ASIN creation. The limit increases as you keep making sales. It’s better to prioritize your products keeping in mind what would sell the most, to increase your ASIN creation capacity. 

Is it good to create a new ASIN?

Amazon has a competitive marketplace where multiple sellers are selling the same product. If you are creating an ASIN for your product that means no one else is selling it. This enhances your chances of selling as you have no competition. 

Before deciding what to sell, you must research the Amazon market to see how competitive the market is and what you can offer that they don’t. 

What is Reverse ASIN lookup?

ASINs can be used to track your competitors on Amazon as well. This would give you a critical analysis of their product, growth, marketing strategies, and keyword gameplay. When running any business, one needs to be aware of the competition. 

To conduct a reverse ASIN lookup you would need to download and install software tools such as:

  • Viral Launch
  • JungleScout
  • AMZSout

You may also lookup your own ASINs which will give you an analysis of where you stand and the performance of your product. 

Let’s Wrap it up!

If you have engulfed all the information we discussed you’re all set to make your mark in the Amazon marketplace. It is highly competitive, but with dedication and mindful strategy you can make a difference. ASIN codes are fundamental to your product listing. Understanding and implementing this would save you a lot of hassle and stress. 

Happy listing!

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